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Love food/ cooking/ baking/ music gaming/reading comic books/ drawing/ art/ travel/ Interior design/ Illustration/ film and working out.

Most stuff up here is made up of reblogs of art I adore or my own artwork- if you want me to do a piece for you, drop me a message.

RESPECT to all the creative minds on Tumblr.
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Meet SugarSugar & VickyVox

They are in a virtual Band called ElectroDolls

The brainchild is a chap named Derek Power, who is a lead singer in one of the most successful U2 tribute bands in Europe. An Irishman, he is also from Dublin. He came to me last year with an idea and a demo titled ‘Dirty Dogs’, which is a dance-rock track (very cool). The idea was to make up a virtual band. He gave me prelimary linear sketches of each member and asked me to elaborate on them. After months of research and sketch after sketch, here are the first two members of the virtual band.

Vicky plays Bass and is a hard ass, whatever you do do not call her a bimbo.

Sugar Sugar is as sweet as the name suggests, but don’t get too close, I heard she bites. She plays keyboards.

One of my fav album covers by the fabulous roistootall:

Mugger Dave - What’s She Doing Here? - Album

Album cover artwork


Clarinet mouthpiece pencil.

To the world: “Excited?”

Yes, me too.



New album will be amazing. I JUST KNOW IT>

Woo hoo I LOVE Counting Crows!


Exclusive Counting Crows new album stream, have a listen and let us know what you think!


Adam Duritz is generously streaming the entire thing online.

The Hot Press Newsdesk, 03 Apr 2012

Entitled Underwater Sunshine (Or…

The intro to this song is like audio porn. It is sublime, sexy, dark, mysterious in an almost medieval type of way.

I love it.

By the fabulous OCHO.

Album artwork I recently did for a client. Ro Reid did the fab graphics.

Conors music is so stunning too- you can hear it for free here!

He is a marvellous writer and poet too you can catch him over on Tumblr here.

The artwork features a male and female, one looking straight on with a solid distant stature and the other looking from afar. Drifting…as drifters do.

Here is my Amy Winehouse illustration as used in CULT magazine (test edition).

Here is Conor Ebbs front and back Album cover. ! Finished! check out his sounds over at: 

Done with pen ink originally then transferred over to Digital and tweaked. Graphics then designed by Ro Reid. I really enjoyed doing this.

This piece is inspired by the truly amazing piece The Kiss. I modernised it and added an extra character to the back cover in the lonely woman- Hope you like:

An ode to…

Roy Lichtenstein - The Kiss - 1962

I Just finished the artwork for wonderful Musician Conor Ebbs album.

The album is free over at Bandcamp and its sublime. Well worth downloading.

Actually am off to listen to it now… Hope you like the artwork. ‘Drifters’ is the name.

You can like Conors facebook page over here: