Artist/ Illustrator/ Publicist/ Band manager/ Music Agent and general go getter.. I also love to colour things in.

Love food/ cooking/ baking/ music gaming/reading comic books/ drawing/ art/ travel/ Interior design/ Illustration/ film and working out.

Most stuff up here is made up of reblogs of art I adore or my own artwork- if you want me to do a piece for you, drop me a message.

RESPECT to all the creative minds on Tumblr.
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Commissioned piece: Harvey dent. By me Pencil Ink Marker Digital scan Sketchbook pro Pixlromatic app

Captain America pjs. Yeap quiet cool.

Coolest mini mug ever. Fact

Wonder woman. Doing some early 90’s hey macarena dance move. Perhaps.

(action comics- dc comics)

I detect a playaaaaaa. Stung.